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Beyonce releases new single "Runnin'"

Here's a great way to get your weekend started: Listen to the new Beyonce song, "Runnin.'"

It's been a while since Queen Bey has released any music; "Runnin'" is Beyonce's first single of the year.

Though she is technically a featured artist on the track by DJ Naughty Boy, Bey's vocals are unmistakeable. The pop star and Arrow Benjamin both sing on the single that was released on Thursday on YouTube.

Apparently, Beyonce heard an early form of the song on YouTube and asked Naughty Boy to remove it so the two could work on a final version together, reports the Sun.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to see Beyonce in full glory. The music video instead shows two people chasing each other through the ocean.

Will you keep "Runnin'" on your playlist?

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