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Better Breastfeeding for You and Your Baby


Breastfeeding can be an intimidating process for first-time or veteran mothers.

But there are loads of benefits for your baby and you. According to Carla Roney, editor in chief of, breast feeding can support the immune system of your baby, may help guard against childhood obesity and childhood cancers, helps moms lose weight and may protect moms against breast cancer.

So how can you overcome any fears and the public stigma attached to the practice?

Start here: In our web show, "Eye on Parenting," CNET's Molly Wood talks with breastfeeding experts about how to make the experience smoother for both mother and child.

Have you had difficulty with breastfeeding? Did you get some great advice from family or friends about breastfeeding that you couldn't live without?

Also, share your thoughts with us about the expert opinions in our show below. (The fashions seen in the show are from Manhattan's Yummy Mummy store):