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Best Tool to Make Your Passwords Uncrackable

Many people are alarmingly unconcerned about their password security. For example, we've told you about those 10,000 stolen Hotmail passwords, and how an astounding 42% of them were simply lowercase words.

Perhaps that report prompted you to make better passwords. For example, you might have tried Microsoft's Password Checker, which tells you how strong your passwords are. But the Password Checker is missing an important component -- it'll report the strength of the password, but it won't tell you what's wrong with a weak one. I've got a solution for that now.

The Password Meter tells you not just how strong a password is, but you see how it's actually scored.

You get points for the password's length, number of upper- and lowercase characters, symbols, and more. And you lose points for consecutive upper- and lowercase characters, sequential letters or numbers, and repeated characters, to name a few.

Best of all, you see the scoring happen right in front of you, so you can fiddle with the password and watch the points go up, until you have crafted a perfectly complex password.

And if you want more help keeping your data safe, be sure to check out 5 Simple Steps to a Super Secure Password.

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