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"Best Moustache" in 2010 Goes to Huge Handlebar

The winner of Best Moustache in the inaugural National Beard and Moustache Championships went to a San Francisco Bay area man with a handlebar moustache so long it could probably be used as a set of handlebars on a bike.

Larry McClure told CBS Station KPIX his morning routine consists of the standard stuff for all men - shower, shave, combing his hair, and then drying and putting hairspray in his wide, white moustache.

"I've always had a moustache or a beard, but I cut the beard off and just let my moustache grow," McClure said.

McClure was told about the June 5 contest in Bend, Ore., by a Lake Tahoe lawyer who helped organize the event. The competition organizers said that their event is the first national event judging beards and moustaches.

"I was dumbfounded that I won the thing," said McClure.

McClure said he's waiting on the $1000 check for winning. As for future competitions, McClure said if he can get a sponsor he'll travel to a world championship in Denmark in 2001.

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