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Bermuda Opposition Demands "Forensic Audit" of Globalhue Billing on Tourism Account

Bermuda's opposition party is not letting up its pressure on the government over the handling by Globalhue of the island's tourism ad account. The Royal Gazette reports that deputy opposition leader Trevor Moniz of the United Bermuda Party wants a "forensic audit" of the Michigan agency's billing on the $14 million-a-year business. BNET previously noted that a former auditor general of Bermuda described the billing as "possible criminal activity." Globalhue was accused of overbilling bermuda by $1.8 million, and charging media commissions of as much as 181 percent. Bermuda's premier, Progressive Labor Party chief Ewart Brown, and Globalhue owner Don Coleman are reportedly good friends.

Moniz demanded that auditor general Heather Jacobs-Matthews, newly appointed this year, audit the contracts. Moniz may be satisfied sooner than he thinks. BNET noted in May that Jacobs-Matthews was already conducting a second audit of Globalhue's billing. The unveiling of that effort will be a key test of Jacobs-Matthews' credibility in her new position. It is not surprising that the UBP keeps harping on about Globalhue. The government is oddly sensitive to the Globalhue issue -- last time it was mentioned in parliament the government censored the record to remove references to the shop.

In other news: Globalhue appointed Brian Anderson as executive digital officer.

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