#BeReady: Your retirement questions answered

#BeReady: Your retirement questions answered 01:54

Have a question about saving for your retirement? CBS News financial analyst Jill Schlesinger has the answers.

Jill Schlesinger: I kind of like the fiduciary adviser. Those are the folks who have to put your needs first. You can find fiduciary advisers in your area by going to plannersearch.org.

Jill Schlesinger: There are lots of great calculators out there. One by EBRI that's called the Choose to Save calculator. Try that one and hopefully that will help get your number.

Jill Schlesinger: You can do both and one way to do them both is to put as much money as you can in your 401(k) to capture your match, and if there's extra money, then you can put that into the Roth.

Jill Schlesinger: If safety is your primary goal then you've got to stick to safe investments. That could be long-term CDs, it could be bonds, but you may even want to put a percentage, say 20 percent, of that allocation in stocks. It gives you a little bit of balance and a little protection against potential inflation.

Jill Schlesinger: It's just like starting early: a little bit at a time. Force yourself to get that plan on an automatic basis. So whether it's a 401(k) or you putting money into your own IRA, try to do as much as you can, increase it slowly, and of course, do the best you can.