Benghazi chair struggles to explain gains from marathon session

Hillary Clinton ends 11-hour Benghazi hearing... 14:11

Hillary Clinton's testimony to the House Select Committee on Benghazi promised to be a marathon, and it was.

Committee members questioned the former secretary of state all day and much of the evening about the deadly 2012 attacks.

But at the end, even committee chairman Trey Gowdy struggled to explain what had been gained after the 11-hour grilling, longer than all of this committee's other hearings combined, reports CBS News correspondent Nancy Cordes.

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When asked about new takeaways from the hearing, Gowdy could not give a solid answer.

"I think... some of Jimmy Jordan's questioning...well, when you say new today, we knew some of that already, we knew about the emails... in terms of her testimony? I don't know if she testified that much differently today than she has previous times she has testified, so I would have to go back and look at the transcript," Gowdy said.

In total, Clinton fielded more than 300 questions, and the questioning grew more intense as the hearing stretched into the night.

"No one ever recommended closing the post in Benghazi," said Clinton.

"No one recommended closing, but you had two ambassadors that made several, several requests, and here's basically what happened to their requests," said Rep. Peter Roskam as he ripped some paper and accused Clinton of turning a blind eye. "They were torn up. They were dismissed."

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"Well that's just not true, congressman," Clinton rebutted.

Indiana Republican Susan Brooks asked Clinton about her communication with Ambassador Chris Stevens who was killed in the attack.

"We have no record that you had any conversation with the ambassador after you swore him in and before he died and you were his boss," said Brooks.

"I was the boss of ambassadors in 270 countries," responded Clinton.

Clinton was also pushed on her actions that night, but tried to keep a calm demeanor. But the endurance test didn't sit well with other Democrats.

"I don't know how you're doing, but I'm exhausted," said Rep. Adam Schiff.

"I don't know what we want from you!" said Rep. Elijah Cummings. "Badger you over and over again until you get tired, until we do get the 'gotcha' moment? We are better than that!"

Some Democratic members are now threatening to quit the committee, saying the hearing proved this investigation is political.

Clinton commented on the hearing, saying it was a shame that a tragedy would ever be used for partisan purposes.