Behind the scenes at a Taylor Swift concert

Taylor must be Swift during her concerts, with quick costume changes and mad backstage dashes. But she always finds time to write a special lyric on her arm.

"Nashville-meets-Hollywood spectacular" is how one music writer described Taylor Swift's 76-city worldwide 2012 tour to promote her "Speak Now" album. Lesley Stahl, who profiled the singer on 60 Minutes, calls the concert "an extravaganza."

What else would you call a production that includes the singer ascending on an airborne balcony (she's Juliet in her song "Love Story") while glitter canons fire in the background? And then there are the dancers, acrobats, ever-changing sets, pyrotechnics, huge projections screens, complex stage lighting, lots of costume changes, and Swift playing at least four instruments: banjo, guitar, piano, and ukulele.

On Overtime this week, we give you a behind-the-scenes look at the production of this complicated show. On the stage during a rehearsal, Taylor shows Lesley some of the details of this mega-production. As fireworks explode around the stage and acrobats practice tricks on dangling ropes, Taylor studies the lighting plan: "The way you light a scene, it determines how your audience feels about it," she tells Lesley. "All the variables are each fascinating."

Overtime also takes you on Taylor's tour bus-- even to her bedroom-- and her backstage dressing room, where Taylor gets ready for each show. Part of her pre-show routine is writing a line of text on her arm. Do you recognize the song lyric she's scribbling in this scene? (Tweet us your guesses @60Minutes.)

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