Become More Effective by Cutting Coffee Out of Your Routine

Personally, I don't drink coffee or tea at all -- I work through a 64 ounce bottle of water every day, and that's pretty much the only liquid I consume. But I know many of you rely on a steady stream of caffeine in the morning to get energized for work.

Unfortunately, a new study shows that your morning coffee fix is counterproductive and you'd probably be more alert and productive without it.

The problem, according to a recent Reuters article, is that caffeine has its own baggage -- namely, a strong withdrawn effect that makes you sluggish and fatigued. When you drink coffee in the morning, all that caffeine is doing is restoring you to your original baseline. You might feel perky, but that's just because you've temporarily undone the debilitating effects of your addiction. You're not charged up -- you're just back to normal.

The lesson? If you cut caffeine out of your diet, you'll be better off because you won't suffer through your daily caffeine crash.

Photo by Ahmed Rabea