Bear Attack Victim Talks

A 14-year-old Texas boy bitten by a bear that entered his tent was recovering Wednesday while state wildlife officers looked for the animal.

Keelan Patton of Pampa, Texas, and a 12-year-old cousin, Brenden Rice, were sleeping at a campground near Coaldale when a black bear barged into their tent about 1 a.m.

Patton's mother, grandmother and sister were sleeping in a nearby camper.

After a brief scuffle, the bear took off. The boy was treated for the bite, scratches and bruises and released from the hospital.

"I woke up in pain, the pain just kinda woke me up. And I woke myself up screaming," Patton

The Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen Wednesday. "As soon as I could, I got to the other side of the tent as fast as I could as soon as he got off of me.

"I think I punched him once or twice," Patton said with a chuckle.

Patton says he was left with "a jaw mark around my head. I have a scratch (on my right temple). And, on my hand, I have an inch-and-a-half, two-inch gash. I had 24 stitches. And I have a bite mark on my arm."