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Watch the heartwarming trailer for "Batkid Begins"

Who is Batkid? A trailer for a new documentary produced in part by Julia Roberts reveals the true identity, the struggle and the triumph of Miles Scott and his family as the leukemia-stricken 5-year-old boy is granted his wish to be Batman for one day in 2013.

The documentary "Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard Round the World," directed by Dana Nachman, is slated to open in theaters June 26 after receiving accolades at the Slamdance, Bentonville and Chicago Critics festivals earlier this year and winning several other awards.

San Francisco transformed into Gotham City for "Batkid"

The film recounts the infamous day in which Scott, who is now a first-grader and in remission, gained national attention and social-media stardom through the elaborate efforts of the Make-A-Wish foundation. On Nov. 15, 2013, the city of San Franscisco temporarily became Gotham City for Scott, who was whisked away from his home in Tulelake, California, in a Lamborghini Batmobile and was led through a series missions to apprehend the Riddler mid-bank heist and save a damsel in distress from the clutches of the Penguin.

Even President Barack Obama was grateful to Batkid for his heroic rescue missions. "Way to go, Miles, way to save Gotham," he said in a Vine video.

The police-supervised shenanigans drew more than 25,000 spectators, requiring the city to beef up their production measures to accommodate the unexpectedly large crowds so that they may see and hear what was occurring as Batkid and a Batman-costumed stuntman did as superheroes do -- bringing villains to justice on the street and saving innocent people from the clutches of madmen. Some officials were critical of the $105,000 in city expenditures to accommodate the Make-A-Wish foundation's scheme to make the little boy happy.

"When we're going about doing a wish it is a little bit whimsical, thinking about what would really wow that child and just gives them back back a little bit of their childhood that has been robbed. So we decided to turn San Francisco into Gotham City," Patricia Wilson, executive director of the Make-A-Wish foundation says in the movie trailer. Once the plan was in place a simple Facebook post brought interest and support from all over the world to help grant Miles Scott's wish to be "the real Batman."

"Every actor who ever played Batman was tweeting," Wilson said in the trailer. "Adam West, line one -- okay that was [not] normal."

The crowd's emotional energy comes through in the video as Scott, standing at a glass window, sees thousands of San Franciscans cheering, dancing and waving signs that say "Save us Batkid!"

"They're dancing for you," Scott's grown up Batman escort says while the wonder-struck boy looks down on the city.