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Baseball Hero Off The Field

For Florida Marlins Outfielder Mark Smith, last Sunday was certainly a day to remember, reports CBS News Correspondent Russ Mitchell. Not only did he hit two home runs to help his team beat the Montreal Expos, but on the way home from the game with teammate Brad Penny, he pulled a man from a burning car and saved his life.

"A car in front of us, about 100 yards up, swerved off the road into the median, hit something, went airborne and...we just noticed this car flying in the air. [It] kind of looked like the General Lee," the car in the TV series Dukes of Hazzard.

Smith and Penny turned around and came back, not sure if anyone else had witnessed the accident and ready to call police on their cellphones.

Two other motorists were already there by the time they got back to the wreck, but one of them screamed to the ballplayers that there was someone in the car, and Smith saw that the front of the car was on fire.

The driver managed to punch out the back window of the car, but couldn't go any further. Smith pulled him out of the wreck.

"I blacked out through the whole thing," said victim Henry Oliva. "I'm lucky to be alive. I would tell him that he's a great person... I'm fortunate that he helped me."

"I just feel I was in the right place just to help the guy out," Smith responded on the CBS News Early Show. "That's someone's son, brother or husband, and I'd hope that someone would do the same for me if I was in trouble," he added in an earlier interview.

The left-fielder admits he was scared to death at first, then jumped into action.

But although he's a hero off the diamond, Smith says his teammates are treating the same as before.

"I get the same rags that I get every day — the constant harassment," he said.

Smith hit two home runs in Sunday's game, the first time he's done that. After batting .195 in 1998 and spending 1999 in Japan, he's hitting .296 through 43 games this year, and has a perfect fielding average for the year (.994 lifetime).

The Marlin's press secretary told CBS News Smith didn't want to publicity about the rescue.

"Baseball is a game," said Smith. "This is life and you can't compare the two."

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