Bare-Skinned Beach-Goers Told to Suit Up


That's California's highest court is allowing state officials to tell sunbathers who enjoy public beaches in the buff.

The state can now punished nudists for enjoying nature unclad even in areas informally designated as "clothing optional."

The California Supreme Court on Thursday denied review of a 2008 lower court ruling upholding the right to cite nude beachgoers in Orange County.

Officials began to crack down on nudity last year at San Onofre State Beach, where sunbathing naked has gone on for about 20 years, citing complaints about lewd behavior.

A group of naturists successfully sued, citing 1979 guidelines for nudity at state beaches. But an appeals court reversed the decision, saying those guidelines weren't adopted with public feedback.

State parks spokesman Roy Stearns says officers will not conduct sweeps of nude beaches.