Barack Obama In The Basement?


Barack Obama has already packed up and the White House?

Not exactly. 

Obama is --as singer Etta James might say-- "In the Basement."  

That's right. Obama's Senate office has temporarily relocated to the basement while his permanent digs in the Senate Hart building undergo a hefty face lift. Over the last year, every Senate office in the Hart building has had similar renovations, sending hundreds of staffers and their bosses underground.  

So, if you're looking to find the Illinois Senator --oh, wait, he's not there-- you may want to try the basement between the Hart and Dirksen buildings. The staff is expected to move back to their real office in about a month when the renovations are complete, Obama aides say.

(The basement, Ms. James would tell you, is a place where you can "jam and still be safe" during a storm. It's also a place where you can go "when your money gets low." Considering the presidential candidate's campaign raised more than $55 million in February, we don't really think this line applies to him.)