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Bank Teller Tied to Chair in Robbery, but Kan. Police Say He Was In On It

Michael Grace (FBI)

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (CBS/AP) A bank teller in suburban Kansas City was tied to a chair while three people robbed the bank.

Then investigators determined the teller was in on it from the start, and that getting tied up was part of the plot.

Twenty-year-old Michael Grace told police Wednesday he had been abducted from outside his apartment complex that morning and forced to drive to the U.S. Bank branch in Overland Park where he worked. Grace said his abductor forced him to open the bank and then robbed it.

A federal complaint filed Friday says Grace, 18-year-old Brenden L. Connors, 20-year-old David Batson and 28-year-old Jacob McWhirt admitted the robbery was staged.

The four are charged with theft and embezzlement.