Bandit the dog certainly lives up to his name

(CBS News) Bandit is blowing up the Internet. This sneaky puppy is not only smarter and more athletic than most of us, but he's a helluva a lot more popular -- just check out the millions of YouTube views he is getting! See why in the crazy video above posted by Andrew Holzberger, that proves that no amount of puppy-proofing can overcome a pet with extreme separation anxiety.

And don't worry, Bandit was not harmed during the hidden camera-style taping of this video, even though he looks as if he is going to kill himself as he squirms and squishes his little body through the tiny gap in the boarded-up window. And a note on the YouTube page says that the dog now has the run of the entire house, as there is obviously no keeping this pup locked up! Lord, if anyone or anything wanted to see me that badly, I think I would let him free too. That is one dedicated companion.