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Bald Men Eat Free

Gary's Uptown Restaurant attracts a crowd you could call smooth, polished, reflective - or simply bald, reports CBS News Correspondent John Blackstone.

In this northern California restaurant, business is booming. In fact, people are willing to drive more than 50 miles to order from a special menu that offers more for less.

Every Wednesday, the restaurant features a bald guys' menu - the less hair, the bigger the discount.

Patrons with nothing on top have something in common with Gary Arnold, the restaurant's owner and the guy who thought up the bald discount.

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Guys with combovers or wigs have to reveal their bald spots to get the discount.

There are those, though, who come for dinner and still can't face the truth.

Pat Duke says he doesn't want a discount, because he doesn't think he's bald.

Correspondent John Blackstone, on the other hand, got 50 percent off his meal.

If you've got a hairless head, you can eat free at Gary's every Wednesday.

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