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Bakebot is the robo-chef of the future

(CBS) - If there's one thing we know for sure here at The Feed, it's that humanity is only a few years away from Robot Armageddon. The robots are improving too quickly, building each other too rapidly to stop. Bummer, right? At least we can console ourselves by laughing at the robots of today. Like the Bakebot. "A robot baking?" You say. "How hilarious." Well, get your chuckles in while you can, human. (It's actually pretty funny though.)

Personal favorite part? When Bakebot tosses the empty bowl on the floor. Just like a real chef! (We all do that, right?) Bakebot is better known as MIT CSAIL, built by MIT student Mario Bollini. Bollini is, presumably, a pretty smart cookie. So hopefully he'll enjoy his robo-cookies when we're all enslaved by bloodthirsty bakebots. Was it worth it? Mario will ask himself as he bites into that cold, lifeless cookie. Was it worth it?

Okay, we'll calm down with the robo-pocalypse stuff. Funny robot, though.

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