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Back to School Software... MathSoft

There is a wide variety of worthwhile software for young children, from toddlers through fifth and sixth grades. What is more difficult to find, are programs that can help and hold the interest of kids in high school. When it comes to math and science software, it is hard to beat the StudyWorks programs from MathSoft. Senior VP Chris Randles....says the aim is to fill a void...

"One of the reasons there's very little is that the classic edutainment style of software, the sort of VCR style, just point click animated solution that people are familiar with for elementary school kids doesn't really work for high schoolers. They need things which are involving and obviously for math and science they need tools which can handle quite serious computations."
MathSoft's background in building sophisticated software used in science and research gives it a head start...

"StudyWorks incorporates in it, all the technology that we deliver to real rocket scientists in our commercial products."
StudyWorks Mathematics begins with algebra I and takes you through calculus and statistics. Science covers biology, chemistry, physics and more. The titles sell for under thirty dollars.

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