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Back From Recess, Reid Attacks McCain, McCain, McCain

Harry Reid used to spend a good bit of his weekly press conference blasting President Bush, a man he once called a "loser."

But we also now know that Reid "can't stand" John McCain, and McCain's latest bounce in the polls has Reid agitated, and he let loose at his first Capitol press conference in a month.

"Has anyone ever heard an opinion from John McCain on what should be done on defense authorization?" Reid said as he laid out the fall congressional agenda.

"A word from him on energy other than drill, drill, drill?" Reid continued. "Where was he on housing? John McCain talks about changing Washington. Good for him. But he's done nothing in the past eight years."

Republicans are taking a different tactic as they return to Capitol Hill this week, focusing on the low congressional approval rating rather than directly attacking Barack Obama.

"I think Sen. McCain ought to run against this Congress," Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said. "Divided government has never been so incompetent."



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