Bachmann praises Boehner, but won't vote for his plan

Rep. Michele Bachmann, one of the two Republican candidates for president who will be voting today on Speaker John Boehner's debt limit plan, reiterated once again that she will be a 'no vote' on any plan that will increase the debt ceiling.

"The American people want someone who will stand up for them," she said at a luncheon at Washington's National Press Club. "They want someone who will say stop. They're looking for someone to say no. I will be that person who will say no more."

While she made it no secret she did not support the-much debated plan that would increase the debt ceiling by nearly a trillion dollars, she did praise the Speaker for his "absolute faithful efforts" to put a plan on the table - something she complained the president has not done.

"The problem goes back again to the president's failure of leadership. He's kicked the can to the Vice President, he's kicked the can to the Congress and he's failed to lead on this issue," she said. "It's time for the president to get engaged. The clock is striking 11:59," she added.

Bachmann encouraged the president to meet with Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to figure out a solution, but she remains pessimistic on the results.

"Make no mistake, what will in fact happen is that there will be no reform. There will be no reform of spending," she warned.

During the question and answer portion of the event, Bachmann was asked if she thought Speaker Boehner should be ousted if the debt limit is increased. She coyly answered, "Um, I am running for president of the United States. I am not running for Speaker of the House."

Though Bachmann now says she won't vote for a debt ceiling increase, earlier this year she voted for the House Republican budget plan - which would have required just that.