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"Bachelorette" fans upset after SCOTUS announcement interrupts show

All eyes were on President Trump Monday night as he announced his nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, but not all viewers were excited to watch. In particular, Mr. Trump angered Bachelor Nation when ABC cut to his announcement during "The Bachelorette," which currently stars Becca Kufrin. 

Mr. Trump's primetime announcement meant "Bachelorette" fans were cut off from the reality competition dating show for 20 minutes. Though viewers did not actually miss any moments from the show, which picked up where it left off after the announcement, some still took to social media to complain about the interruption. 

Many fans pointed out that this wasn't the first time Mr. Trump interrupted "The Bachelorette."  His meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un preempted part of the June 11 episode. 

"This is the second time the government has interrupted my bachelorette viewing, and I'm about ready to switch to a political science major and run for president so no one else's monday night will be ruined EVER AGAIN," one viewer joked. 

One fan even pointed out that former President Barack Obama never interrupted "The Bachelorette."

Another viewer pointed out the irony that the show was interrupted by a president who was also once a reality star. 

Bachelor Nation was indeed warned, though. Host Chris Harrison let fans know earlier in the day about the interruption. 

"Here's my PSA for #BachelorNation," Harrison tweeted earlier on Monday. "@abcnews will be cutting in at 9/8 ET/CT tonight for SCOTUS announcement. #TheBachelorette will be 'paused' and seen in its entirety. Now go have a great day and I'll see you tonight!"