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Avoid jet lag with these 5 tips

(MoneyWatch) COMMENTARY  Frequent travelers know the bane of jet lag. They probably also know a bunch of tips for avoiding it. But for everyone else -- folks who end up taking just one or two business trips a year, for example -- might benefit from knowing great ways to beat The Lag. Recently, Secrets from the Yumiverse rounded up nine useful tips and packed them into an infographic. Here are the best of the best -- read the original article for all nine.

Adjust your sleep cycle. For at least a few days before your trip, adjust your sleep hours. If you're headed west, wake up and go to bed one hour later. If you're going east, make it one hour earlier.

Eat right. On the day of the flight, eat a light and healthy meal. Most importantly, be well hydrated by drinking a lot of water.

Live the new time zone. On the day of the flight, set your watch to the destination's time zone and try to start acting accordingly right away -- don't wait for the plane to land at the final destination.

Equip yourself for sleep. If you need to sleep on the plane to adjust to the new cycle, bring a sleep mask, ear plugs, and pillow. Alternately, if you need to stay awake, get up and walk around the cabin as much as you can. You can also eat a lot of protein (like nuts).

Stay outdoors to stay awake. If you arrive at your destination in daylight but your body craves sleep, stay outdoors and get as much sunlight as you can. This will help you stay awake until evening when you can go to sleep and get on the right cycle.

No word on whether taking off your shoes and "making fists with your toes" -- Bruce Willis's advice from "Die Hard" -- actually works.