"Avengers" movie-goer pulls fire alarm in frustration

Part of "The Avengers" North American release poster
(CBS) ABINGDON, Md. - A movie-goer at a Maryland showing of the "The Avengers" proved himself more of a super zero than a super hero, when he allegedly pulled the fire alarm in the theater, CBS Baltimore reported.

David Waiters is facing the possibility of up to five years in prison if convicted of signalling fire in a crowded Regal Cinemas Theater in Abingdon.

CBS Baltimore reports Waiters had an explanation for his behavior Monday night - he was angry because "The Avengers"  was being shown with closed captioning.

A distraction, to be sure.  Frustrating, yes.  Did he ever think of asking for his money back? Apparently not.

Pulling the fire alarm seems like the sort of thing Captain America would frown upon.