Autistic man's $1,000 tricycle stolen

Adult tricycle that was reportedly stolen from an autistic man in West St. Paul, Minn.
CBS Minnesota
(CBS) WEST ST. PAUL, Minn. - Police are asking for the public's help to find an adult tricycle that was stolen from a man with autism who says he needs it to get around, according to CBS Minnesota.

The tricycle, which costs nearly $1,000. was stolen Saturday night from a bus stop, even though it was chained to a post there.

Elliott Albright doesn't drive and relies on the tricycle to get him from his West St. Paul apartment to the nearest bus stop.

"I'm walking a lot more and it's hard because I have limited mobility," Albright told the station. "One of my legs, I do limp, so it harder for me, a lot harder to get around without that."

The tricycle has a wide seat and a basket on the back. The man's family got a grant from the county in order to pay for it.

"I locked it up as I normally do and then...I caught my bus, went to where I volunteer. And so then when I got back around one, it wasn't there," Albright said. "So I figured it was fairly safe, as long as I kept it near some place so public. You wouldn't think someone would be brazen enough to steal it on Robert Street in West St. Paul."

"It's limiting me on what I can do and how I do it. It's really making it harder to do things," he said. "I won't let it stop me, but it will slow things down a bit," he told CBS Minnesota.

Elliot also had a message for the thief.

"I would just like it returned, and I am not interested in charges. I would just like my bike back," he said.

He gave police the tricycle's serial number, so it's registered as stolen in case someone tries to sell it to a pawn shop.