Ashley Kirilow Cancer Scam: Fraud Charges for Woman Who Allegedly Faked Cancer for $$$

Ashley Kirilow, 23, allegedly bilked $20,000 from those believing she had cancer. (Personal Photo)
Ashley Kirilow (Personal Photo)

MILTON, Ont. (CBS/AP) Ashley Kirilow, the Canadian woman who investigators say faked having cancer to scam well-wishers and raise money for herself, appeared briefly in court yesterday for a bail hearing.

The 23-year-old woman from Burlington, Ontario is facing three counts of fraud under $5,000.

Kirilow, who was handcuffed and wearing a long, beige dress, is set to appear again on Wednesday in Milton, Ont., to continue the bail hearing.

Police allege that Kirilow passed herself off as having cancer and organized fundraisers with the help of others who believed her to be terminally ill.

Photos on a Facebook page for Kirilow's supposed charity, Change for a Cure, showed her with a shaved head -- purportedly because of chemotherapy treatments. Investigators claim Kirilow pocketed all the contributions she promised to donate to the charity.

Kirilow's father, Mike, said that his daughter called him over the weekend and begged him to be at Monday's scheduled bail hearing.

But he told her he wants nothing more to do with her.

Mike Kirilow, told ABC's Good Morning America that Ashley told him earlier this year that she has never had cancer.

"I gave her every option and every opportunity to come clean on her own, on her own terms," he told the morning show. "She clearly decided not to do that."

"I was surprised with the extent she had taken it, but not surprised with her doing it," Mike Kirilow told the morning show. "She's always manipulated people, manipulated situations to get what she wants."