Arya and Bran Stark actors on growing up on the "Game of Thrones" set

Maisie Williams: "I didn't even know what HBO was." Isaac Hempstead Wright: "Getting to do stunts and… get pushed out a window was like a 10-year-old's dream."

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Anderson Cooper speaks with Maisie Williams and Isaac Hempstead Wright, who play Arya and Bran Stark on "Game of Thrones." Below is a transcript.

Anderson Cooper: Did either of you have any idea when you signed onto this how big it was gonna get?


Maisie Williams: No. I-- I didn't even know what HBO was.

Isaac Hempstead Wright: Yeah.

Anderson Cooper: You-- you had-- you hadn't heard of HBO?

Maisie Williams: No, I had to Google that. And then we were like, a Home Box Office call. What's that? Is it (LAUGH) gonna be on the BBC? Had no idea. Like, we could see the scale was gonna be big, but I mean, we knew nothing about movie-making or anything like that. So--

Anderson Cooper: Had you been in something in acting before? I mean, had you--

Maisie Williams: No.

Anderson Cooper: No?

Maisie Williams: I didn't even wanna be an (LAUGH) actor. I wanted to be a dancer. And then through, you know, the avenues of, like, meetings, of scouts in that field, I found an agent, my second audition was for "Game of Thrones" and then it all just--

Anderson Cooper: There are actors all over the world right now listening to that, screaming.

Maisie Williams: Yeah--

Anderson Cooper: 'Cause it seems like there's a lot of people who this was, like, their first audition-- and they got it.

Isaac Hempstead Wright: I mean, we were really-- definitely, like, a lot of it was in the right place at the right time.

Anderson Cooper: You had never been in anything before either--

Isaac Hempstead Wright: Nope. No, I think I'd done, like, an advert for something. And I can remember getting so excited when that came on the TV. I was, like, calling everyone up, going, look, I was there for three seconds. (LAUGHTER) It was actually highly ironic 'cause I use-- I used to go to a football club the weekends and I found it too cold. So, I was like, what else can I do? I'll go to drama club. And I ended up spending nine years in the freezing cold in Belfast. (LAUGHTER) But yeah, I don't think-- I-- I can remember George R.R. Martin-- chatting to us when we were filming the pilot, kinda going-- you know, don't get your hopes up. These things seldom, you know, actually become a series

Anderson Cooper: How old were each of you when you started? You were 12?

Maisie Williams: Twelve and--

Isaac Hempstead Wright: I was ten.

Anderson Cooper: Did you-- I mean, at ten, your-- I mean, obviously the scene that a lotta people will remember is, you know, you climbing the tower seeing a brother and sister having sex with each other and then you get pushed off the tower.

Isaac Hempstead Wright: Yeah. I-- I loved it. (LAUGH) It was great fun. It was like--

Anderson Cooper: It's pretty intense for a ten-year-old--

Isaac Hempstead Wright: I know. But I mean, I think when you're doing it, it's not that inte-- I mean, obviously I wasn't there watching this sex going on. It was all kind of shielded from me. But getting to climb and do stunts and get pushed out a window was, like, a ten-year-old's dream. I loved it. Like--

Anderson Cooper: You-- you didn't find it disturbing that somebody was tryin' to kill you--

Isaac Hempstead Wright: Not at all, 'cause it's-- you know, you're spending the whole day on set and you're having fun. And it's not, like, some scary, horrible scenario-- like the way it plays out on screen.

Maisie Williams: Yeah.

Anderson Cooper: Did you see it afterward? I mean, once it was-- did you-- or were you allowed to look at the actual--

Isaac Hempstead Wright: I think I-- I-- yeah, I think I just-- I was-- I found it really cool. I was like, oh, look, it looks like I just got pushed out a tower. (LAUGHTER) Yeah. 'Cause it was all so fresh and new, it was basically like getting to go and go on some cool summer camp; like, horse riding, archery lessons, climbing.

Maisie Williams: Running around in the mud and dirt--

Isaac Hempstead Wright: Running in the mud.

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