Article renews debate over women "having it all"

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(CBS NEWS) Former State Department official Anne-Marie Slaughter is restarting an old debate for women - how to juggle demanding careers with raising a family.

Slaughter writes in The Atlantic, "I found myself in a job that is typical for the vast majority of working women. Working long hours on someone else's schedule, I could no longer be both the parent and the professional I wanted to be."

She also writes, "It is society that must change - coming to value choices to put family ahead of work just as much as those to put work ahead of family."

Monday on "CBS This Morning" Sallie Krawcheck, former chief executive officer of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, said the issue is very personal and depends on the woman's expectations of "having it all." But Krawcheck said she marvels at how we haven't made more progress. "The senior levels of companies, of corporations, of boards, we've really plateaued at about 15, 16 percent of women."

"CBS This Morning" contributor Lee Woodruff said,"(Slaughter) makes the argument that women haven't risen to the ranks in enough places and enough numbers to really help facilitate that change. What I think is so interesting really is where we are today. Think about where we are when I started in the '80s with my little gray suit and shopping for silk bow ties. No joke."

"I would argue emotionally we're still wearing those men's clothes," Krawcheck said. " There's an entire industry about how you as a woman should behave in order to make it in a man's world. How you should ask for a raise, how you should conduct yourself. How about corporations start to think about flexibility without shame?"