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Around The World In 13 Years

It was a trip around the world for the history books.

British eco-adventurer Jason Lewis is the first man to circumnavigate the globe using only muscle power -- no fuel, no motors, no cars, boats or planes.

He pedaled his custom-designed boat, used kayaks, bicycles, rolling blades and just plain walking over five continents, two oceans and one sea before tackling the treacherous English Channel.

Lewis thought it would take him three years to finish the trip. But "Expedition 360," as the journey is known, lasted 13 years, ending in October.

On The Early Show Tuesday, Lewis spoke about his commitment to spreading awareness of our "carbon footprints." He says he embarked on his journey to prove we could all consume a little less fuel, that we could all pollute a little less and change our habits by doing thing such as riding a bike to work.

He was speaking a week ahead of Earth Day.

Lewis even refused The Early Show's offer of a ride to the studio -- he walked instead.

His adventure was hardly danger-free. Lewis had to overcome a terrible accident while in Colorado. That was, he says, the hardest moment for him. He broke both legs, narrowly avoided an amputation, and spent six weeks in hospital and nine months in recovery before continuing his record-setting skate across America.

Lewis was 26 when he began his 46,505 mile trek, and says he has no regrets about dedicating so much of his life to the voyage designed to raise awareness about the environment through an education program for school children involving as many as 450 schools.

The journey was only interrupted for weeks at a time as Lewis and his team of supporters worked to raise money to continue. Odd jobs along the way included work on a cattle ranch in America and a funeral home in Australia.

For much more on Lewis' adventure, visit the Expedition 360 Web site.

To see the Early Show interview, including lots of video and photos, click on the arrow in the image below.

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