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Arnold Schwarzenegger teaser for YouTube Comedy Week

(CBS News) Did you know that YouTube Comedy Week is about to start? (I'm going to pretend you said "no" followed by my immediate reaction of gasping in a hyperbolic manner.) Gasp! Are you serious? Well, just in case you are, and this isn't some elaborate prank, how about I let my very dear friend, Arnold Schwarzenegger, tell you all about it in this video above. (And if you happen to ask him about me, that quizzical look on his face is simply a joke, promise.)

The funny tease before a week of humor that is sure to please (May 19-25)was produced by JASH and posted by YouTube who write about their upcoming event:

Find out why Arnold Schwarzenegger is so excited about YouTube Comedy Week, kicking off with The Big Live Comedy Show on YouTube on Sunday, May 19ths, at 6 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. ET
Look out for The Lonely Island, Vince Vaughn, Tim & Eric, Ben Stiller, Harley from Epic Meal Time, Grace Helbig, Kyle Mooney, Nathan Barnatt, Epic Rap Battles of History, and more!

I'm including a behind the scenes clip below on the making of this tease. And while we'll make sure to keep you updated on the best to come out of YouTube Comedy Week here on The Feedyou can watch the live show on May 19th by clicking (or bookmarking) the link here.

UPDATE: Ricky Gervais as "David Brent" also has a tease for YouTube Comedy Week (and guitar lesson) you should check out by clicking here.