Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jimmy Fallon do hilarious QVC sketch

Arnold Schwarzenegger during an interview with host Jimmy Fallon on March 24, 2014.
Nathaniel Chadwick/NBC

Jimmy Fallon and Arnold Schwarzenegger stirred up some laughs Monday night during a QVC sketch involving a Vitamix blender and a "Slap Chop" slicer and dicer -- and more importantly a couple of Schwarzenegger's famous movie lines.

A wig-sporting Fallon played host of "Now We're Cookin' With Zach Striker" with Schwarzenegger as his guest. Fallon (or shall we say Zach Striker) wanted to plug the blender in the segment, but Schwarzenegger insisted they talk about the other product and continued to say with increased frustration -- "Let's get to the chopper!" -- one of the famous lines from his 1987 sci-fi movie "Predator."

Schwarzenegger, who visited the show to promote his new film "Sabotage," also managed to slip in another favorite movie line into the sketch. Check out the video below to find out which one: