Armed Man Holding 1-Year-Old Hostage in Calif.

Sacramento SWAT team members are seen at the site of a standoff where a man was holding a 1-year-old baby June 10, 2010.
A standoff with a man who is holding a one-year-old boy hostage continued Thursday, more than 15 hours after it began at a Sacramento apartment complex, reports CBS Station KOVR.

SWAT officers have tried firing fire hoses into the apartment and using a robot to see inside only to have the suspect fire more shots.

Officers surrounding the apartment complex have worked overnight to convince 25-year-old Anthony Alavarez to surrender to no avail.

Alvarez is not only accused of robbing three banks in the Bay Area and shooting at a Concord, Calif. police officer during a traffic stop Friday night as originally reported. He is also wanted for a murder in San Francisco.

Alvarez evaded arrest over the weekend, only to be located at his cousin's apartment in Sacramento at about 12:30 p.m. Wednesday after receiving a tip, according to police.

Some of Alvarez's family are now at the scene hoping to help talk him out. They told KOVR they don't think Alvarez would hurt the baby. Officers believe the one-year-old is okay and may be sleeping right now.

Overnight, officers tried spraying large amounts of water into the apartment using fire hoses, but that did not work.

Early Thursday morning, they sent a robot up to a window hoping to get a better view of what is going on inside, but Alvarez shot at it.

Sacramento County Sheriff's deputies have handed over control of the situation to Sacramento Police.

A flurry of activity drew attention late Wednesday night when the suspect opened fire at deputies after a flashbang went off. Officers returned fire, but it was not clear if the suspect was hit.

Home video of the first moments after SWAT members arrived showed another man exiting the apartment with his hands up; he was not arrested and is cooperating, authorities said.

"At one point there was also a four-year-old child inside the residence," said Sacramento County Sheriff's Sgt. Tim Curran. "We were able to evacuate that child out of a rear window."

The 82-unit apartment complex was evacuated and residents have been waiting outside for the word the situation is clear.

Authorities said the standoff has gone on longer than planned, but the presence of a toddler has affected their approach to the situation. Police have been in intermittent contact with the man via cell phone and believe the child is still alive.

When police first arrived on the scene, the suspect reportedly declared he wouldn't leave the apartment without a fight.