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Who's running to replace retiring Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake?

Who's running to replace Arizona senator?

Arizona's primary on Aug. 28 will narrow down a race for retiring Republican Sen. Jeff Flake's seat. Flake has been a vocal critic of President Trump, and support for the president will likely impact the Republican primary.

"The supposed Republican nominee, Martha McSally, has not said who she supported in the presidential election, but since then, she's kind of cozied up to the president and definitely supports his agenda, as well as her two competitors, Joe Arpaio obviously likes the president and Dr. Kelli Ward as well," Katie Campbell, a reporter for the Arizona Capitol Times, told CBSN.

Republican Senate candidates for Arizona. CBS News

On the Democratic side, Rep. Kyrsten Sinema is running against Deedra Abboud. At this point, Campbell said, Sinema is playing to the middle ground and is the likely favorite to win her party's nomination.

In the state's gubernatorial race, Gov. Doug Ducey is running for re-election with support from the Republican Governors Association. Democrats David Garcia and state Sen. Steve Farley are vying for their party's nomination. While Democrats are hoping to see a blue wave in November, Campbell said that's not expected to hit the governor's mansion.

"At the end of the day, whichever one of them comes out of the race as the Democratic nominee, they're not going to have much money to spend against Ducey," Campbell said. "He's got a lot of money behind him, and that's going to be really difficult for any Democrat to put up a fight."

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