Are you a "super-recognizer"? Take a test

"Face blind" people can't recognize faces. "Super-recognizers" are the opposite. Take the "Before They Were Famous" test to find out if you're a "super-recognizer"

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Are you one of those people who never forgets a face? If so, you might be a "super recognizer."

In 2012 on 60 Minutes, we met Jennifer Jarett, a "super-recognizer" who described her remarkable ability to Lesley Stahl and aced a "super-recognizer" quiz called "The Before They Were Famous" test.

60 Minutes Overtime,Super Recognizers

If you think you might be a "super recognizer," we're going to give you a chance to find out. In the above video, you'll be going head to head with Jennifer on a test prepared by 60 Minutes. Let us know how you did in the comments section below!

The opposite of a "super recognizer" is someone who's "face blind." Face blindness is the main subject of Lesley's 60 Minutes report this week. Its sufferers cannot recognize or identify faces-- even those of their children or spouses. Many people don't even know they have the condition.

If you think you might be face blind, there are other tests you can take to help diagnose the problem, including the following one prepared by 60 Minutes.

Do you have trouble recognizing faces? If you suspect you might be "face blind," here's a test that may provide an answer.

Editor's Note: This segment was originally published on March 18, 2012