Apple releases first major update for iOS 7

Software update for iOS 7.

Apple released the first major update for its mobile operating system iOS 7 on Tuesday. The most notable change in iOS 7.1 is the addition of CarPlay, a new feature which was announced earlier this month.

CarPlay lets users integrate their iPhones with compatible automobiles. The feature lets users make calls, send and receive text messages and get directions by speaking to Siri or using the car's dashboard touchscreen, knobs and buttons. CarPlay will be available this year in some models from Honda, Mercedes, Hyundai, Volvo and Ferrari, with other car makers adding it in the future.

Avid calendar users will notice the return of lists view that went away with the iOS 7. Users will again be able to see events for a particular day in the month view.

Siri has been updated with the addition of more natural sounding voices in Mandarin Chinese, UK English, Australian English and Japanese. Users can manually control when Siri listens by starting and stopping with a touch of the home button.

Another update seeks to improve Touch ID fingerprint recognition on the iPhone 5S.

Other changes include an iTunes Radio facelift and additional support for iCloud Keychain outside of the United States. The camera now automatically enables high dynamic range (HDR) photography for iPhone 5S. And email junkies will find that the display for unread emails over 10,000 is now fixed.

Apple iPhone inbox with over 10,000 emails.
CBS/Chenda Ngak

To get the iOS 7.1 update go to Settings -> General -> Software Update.