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Apple unveils new iOS 17 features: Here's what users can expect

Apple's launch into virtual reality
Apple's ambitious and expensive launch into virtual reality 02:03

Apple turned heads when it debuted its $3,499 Vision Zero mixed-reality headset at its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday. But the new VR gear wasn't the only exciting development to emerge from the tech company's presentation.

Apple also announced several new features it plans to roll out for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch users when iOS 17, the latest iteration of its internal operating system, officially launches in September. Consumers will have to wait until fall to test out the new features, but until then here's what to expect.

Leave messages on FaceTime

iPhone users can now leave video voice messages for other FaceTime users when their calls go unanswered. The message's recipient will receive a notification that they've received the message and will be able to replay the video whenever they want. It's just like voicemail, but for the Marco Polo video-chat age. 

Autocorrect improvements

With iOS 17, users might finally stop apologizing for autocorrect. That's because the update will include an autocorrect feature powered by a more advanced language model that aims to improve Apple devices' word prediction abilities. 

"In those moments where you just want to type a ducking word, well, the keyboard will learn it, too," Apple Software Engineering Chief Craig Federighi said in Apple's presentation Monday. 

Inline predictive text recommendations will appear on users' screens as they type, allowing them the option to complete words and sentences with the tap of the space bar. 

Live voicemail transcription

Second-guessing whether to let a call go to voicemail or pick up might become a thing of the past. With live voicemail transcriptions, users can view a real-time transcription of incoming voicemails from their iPhone lock screens as the message is being recorded. This will allow users to know more about who is calling them — and why, before they pick up the phone.  

Live voicemail transcribing let's users see the content of voicemails as they are being recorded (Apple).  Apple

Live stickers 

Apple customers can now turn photos of their family, friends and pets into stickers with the press of a finger. For added fun, users can also customize stickers with different effects, such as outline, comic, puffy and shiny. The update also introduces a new sticker drawer, where users can easily access their customized stickers to send in chats.  

Live stickers allow users to customize their photos and bring them to life (Apple).  Apple

Tap-to-share features

The new NameDrop features allows contact information to be shared between two iPhones or an iPhone and an Apple Watch. The same tap-to-share gesture will also allow users to easily share music, videos and other content between Apple devices.

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