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Apple's new iOS 10.1 update fixes a big security flaw

Attention iPhone owners: there’s a security update to iOS 10 that Apple says you should download without delay. 

The software update — called iOS 10.1 — patches a security hole that could allow hackers to infiltrate your phone through “maliciously crafted” JPEG photo files, the company said. The flaw was discovered by Marco Grassi, a security researcher at Keen Lab. 

So, how serious a problem is it? If a user inadvertently viewed a corrupted JPEG file, a hacker would have been able to completely take control of the device. However, it’s unclear whether users had actually been victimized in this way.

The security update also guards against other potential attacks. For instance, the update prevents applications from having access to your Contacts Address Book even after you manually revoked access through Settings. For those who use FaceTime, the update also protects against a flaw that could allow a hacker to “continue transmitting audio while appearing as if the call terminated.”

For those who want to update their iPad or iPhone, head to your device’s “Settings,” go to “iCloud,” and then choose “Backup Now.” After your device has been backed up, go back to “Settings” then “General” then “Software Update,” then click “Download and Install.”

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