Anti-Aging Secrets For Women 40 +

While going on an extreme makeover show would probably be the best quick fix, today's women have found their own unique way to slow down the hands of time.

In the latest installment of The Early Show's "Reaching For More" series, find out a few secrets on how to look and feel younger after the age of 40.

More Magazine editor-in-chief Peggy Northrop offers tips on how to stay fit and healthy.

Women who are 40 and older look very different from their mothers and grandmothers of the same age years ago. What's changed when it comes to aging in our generation is that we don't accept looking middle-aged or less than stylish, Northrop says.

Many more women are in the workforce than our mothers were, so we have different expectations for ourselves. And once we turn 40, Northrop says, many more of us are exercising seriously.

She notes, "The interesting thing is that is we aren't eating as healthy as we should, so we still have things to do. And plenty of us are dressing the way our teen-age daughters do, not as dowdy or frumpy as older generations, which is something women of my mother's generation wouldn't have done. And maybe they were right!"

As for the fact that our body changes over time (for some, sooner than others), Northrop says the biggest the physical changes are interrupted sleep that comes with hormone shifts and weight. Emotionally, however, she notes the changes are more positive.

Women talk about how liberated they feel from other people's expectations and judgments," Northrop says, "I just came back from talking to groups of women in Philadelphia and in Dallas, and every single woman told me how much more confident and happy she felt, and what a wonderful surprise that was."