Anthony Weiner: Abortion Language Will Have to be Changed

New York Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner said on "Washington Unplugged" Monday that abortion-related language in the health care bill, which he called "the biggest restriction we've had on abortion services, frankly, anytime since Roe v. Wade," will have to be changed before a final vote or the bill will lose support from some Democrats.

"That language is going to have to be changed some," Weiner said. He said about 20 members may not vote for the bill if it comes back to the floor after being merged with a Senate version with the same abortion language and/or without a stronger public option.

"Of all the bitter pills we had to swallow to vote yes, this was probably the bitterest one for many of us," Weiner said of the abortion language.

The vote on the health care bill was as close as it was, Weiner told host John Dickerson, because lawmakers were taking on both the status quo and the health care lobby.

"The health insurance industry makes an enormous amount of money on the inefficiencies that exist in the system," he said. "…When they work hard to stop something – they start out with the entire Republican Party and [pick] off a few Democrats along the way."

Some of the Democrats who opposed the bill, Weiner said, wanted more cost savings in it – "and frankly," he said, "so do I." He said that was one reason the bill needs a stronger public option.

Watch the entire episode, which also includes an interview with the Washington Post's Lori Montgomery and CBS News Producer Jill Jackson, above.

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