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Anthony Sowell, notorious Cleveland serial killer, appeals case to Supreme Court

CLEVELAND -- A Cleveland man sentenced to die for killing 11 women and hiding the remains in and around his home has appealed his case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

At issue are arguments by 57-year-old Anthony Sowell over the closure of an evidence hearing during his trial and his rejected offer to plead guilty.

Sowell's attorneys have objected to the trial judge's closing of a pre-trial hearing over the admissibility of Sowell's videotaped police interrogation of more than 11 hours.

The judge ultimately allowed the use of the video, and most of it was played during Sowell's trial.

Sowell's attorneys also argued in last week's filing that Sowell's willingness to plead guilty should have been considered as a factor in sentencing.

Prosecutors are expected to respond soon.