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Please hold: Another customer service flub for Comcast

Aaron Spain of Illinois says he was put on hold for more than three hours Monday after calling the cable giant to cancel his service. The only problem? By then Comcast was closed for the day, as Spain discovered when he called another company department.

"I'm pissed," he said on YouTube in a video that quickly went viral.

Spain is the second Comcast customer to recently share his displeasure with Comcast over social media. Ryan Block, an editor with online technology publication Engadget, made waves last month after airing an audio recording of his trying to cancel his service with the company -- only to run into a supremely persistent customer service representative determined to change Block's mind.

"Under no circumstances is this the experience we want our customers to have," a Comcast spokesperson said in a statement responding to Spain's experience. "Our goal is to be respectful of our customers' time and fix any issues the first time. We take this very seriously, and after investigating Mr. Spain's situation, we want to apologize to him and acknowledge that his experience was completely unacceptable."

Spain said he called Comcast the next day and canceled his service in just 15 minutes.

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