Anna Chapman Update: "Sleeper Spy" Gets Movie Role, Lion Cub

Anna Chapman on Russian Maxim Cover (
Anna Chapman Update: "Sleeper Spy" Gets Movie Role, Lion Cub
Anna Chapman (Personal Photo)

MOSCOW (CBS/AP) Anna Chapman sure has been busy since she was deported from the United States as part the biggest spy swap since the Cold War, and in her first television interview with a Russian television talk show she tells, well, not all.

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Russians have been waiting for her to finally speak publicly after months of teasing the media with events such as a magazine photo spread and an enigmatic appearance at a Russian rocket launch in Kazakhstan where she brushed aside questions from a reporter.

But she did tell Channel One state television Thursday that she plans to have her own TV show next year.

Asked who her favorite James Bond actor is on a Russian talk show, she named Sean Connery without hesitation. She also said she admires Angelina Jolie, who played a suspected Russian sleeper agent in this year's "Salt" - and hinted she has her own action star abilities.

"I'm a very good shot," Chapman said. "I have a passion for it, and I love going to shooting ranges."

Asked by the host what her dream was, she answered that she has been obsessed with having a pet lion cub, even if she can only keep it for three months before it becomes too dangerous.

With that, a lion cub was led into the studio on a leash, and Chapman patted him as the audience sang a patriotic song from a Soviet-era spy movie that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin once called an inspiration for joining the KGB.

Chapman kept mostly mum during the interview on the central reason for her popularity, refusing to confirm during the interview that she worked for Russian intelligence.

But the 28-year-old red-haired vixen continued to play coy when it came to the details of her failed mission, telling Channel One only that she considers the failure a chance for new opportunities.

One of those opportunities was reportedly a role in a recent parody of a popular Soviet espionage film, reported the New York Daily News.

The film was broadcast during a state-controlled TV's station's New Year celebration and featured Chapman posing as herself, meeting with the Russian answer to James Bond, Maxim Isayev, a fictional hero spy said to be a favorite of Vladimir Putin, the Daily News reported.