Anna Chapman (PICTURES): Ex-Husband Divulges Accused Russian Spy's Bedroom Secrets in Tabloid

Among the evidence the prosecutor is prepared to offer, Farbiarz said Chapman purchased a cell phone under a false name that she used to make calls to Russia and then threw away the contract and phone charger from a car, which agents later retrieved. Her attorney fought back, saying that while she likely did make phone calls to Russia, he implied that they were to family members. The prosecutor claimed Anna Chapman used a "range extender" for her laptop that communicated to an address that matched a Russian government computer. He said she met in a public place at least 10 times in the vicinity of that computer and believed a secret transfer of information was exchanged wirelessly.
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Anna Chapman (Personal Photo)

NEW YORK (CBS) Alleged Russian spy Anna Chapman has been making headlines all over the world for her alleged covert affairs and what some describe as her "femme fatale" persona.

PICTURES: Anna Chapman

Now her ex-husband has revealed Chapman's most intimate secrets regarding their marriage in an interview with Britain's News of the World .

Alex Chapman was married to Anna, born Anya Kushchenko, for four years, and said that the sex was great, according to the paper.

Alex even told News of the World that he and Anna had joined the mile high club on a flight to Moscow.

But it didn't last.

Alex told News of the World, "We were going in different directions. I was the creative person but she had become ambitious and materialistic." The couple separated in 2005 and divorced the following year.

Anna Chapman (Personal Photo)

Prior to the couple's divorce, Alex began to feel that something was awry and that his beloved wife Anna was not really who she claimed to be, according to the paper.

PICTURES: Anna Chapman

But Alex Chapman also claimed to the paper that he spoke with her by phone Friday and believes "she did not probably realize the severity of her actions. It's like something out of a movie."

Despite the fanfare and media attention, it is uncertain that there will be a happy ending for Anna Chapman, who was arrested along with 10 other alleged spies for trying to infiltrate American "policy-making circles" and feed the information back to Moscow.