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Ann Romney on taxes: "There's nothing we're hiding"

Ann Romney.

(CBS News) After a brief respite from talk of Mitt Romney's tax returns, the issue is back in the spotlight after an interview with Ann Romney, who insists that "there's going to be no more tax releases given" by her husband in the lead-up to November's election.

Romney, speaking with NBC's Natalie Morales in an interview set to air Thursday night, said "there's nothing we're hiding" with regard to the couple's finances, but that unveiling a more extensive record of their tax history would "only give [Democrats] more ammunition."

"We have been very transparent to what's legally required of us," she said. "There's going to be no more tax releases given."

Democrats and even some Republicans have criticized Romney for his decision to release only two years' worth of returns, particularly in light of questions surrounding his history at Bain Capital and offshore bank accounts in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands.

The Obama campaign, which has released 12 years' worth of President Obama's returns, has openly questioned what Romney could be hiding - and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has cited an anonymous source who he says has told him Romney paid no taxes at all for ten years.

The Romney campaign has vociferously denied Reid's charge, and Sen. John McCain, who vetted Romney as a vice presidential candidate in 2008, has said he saw nothing in Romney's tax returns to suggest he paid no taxes. The Romney campaign, however, has not released any further evidence that might put the matter to rest.

Mrs. Romney emphasized to NBC that much of the couple's wealth has been in a blind trust since her husband was elected governor of Massachusetts in 2002.

"It's been managed by a blind trust since before Mitt was governor, you know, 2002 forward," she said. "And so, you know, I'll be curious to see what's in there too."

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