Ann Coulter, In CPAC's Back Door

She's always been outrageous, but when conservative Ann Coulter talked of 9/11 "rag heads" at the 2006 Conservative Political Action Conference and linked the slur "faggot" to Sen. John Edwards in a 2007 speech, CPAC's organizers decided to cut her from the list of speakers at the February 7-9 conference expected to draw 6,000. But that doesn't mean she won't speak there.

"It's unfortunate that Ann Coulter is not speaking at CPAC," says Ron Robinson, president of Young America's Foundation. "She's a powerhouse for young people," he adds, and "one major reason that CPAC is so successful." So guess what? YAF and its supporters also attending CPAC will host Coulter at the same hotel as CPAC. "This way," says one host, "CPAC isn't technically having Coulter speak."

By Paul Bedard