"Animal Beatbox" is a musical medley of fun (with dogs and cats, too)

(CBS) - So last night I got into a discussion with a girl who mentioned she sees a majority of videos posting on The Feed involving dogs and cats. Calm down, I was as shocked as you are to hear that considering the amazing array of content and subjects we post here.

But I thought to myself, what video can I post that you will all love while proving her both right and wrong at the same time? I present to you "Animal Beatbox" by director Damon Gameau.

The video was the recent winner of the Tropfest 2011 short film festival in Australia, and is oddly hypnotizing and unforgettable in both it's music, visuals and just fun insanity.

A definite winner to put you in a great mood before the weekend begins (and that song will probably be stuck in your head for at least a day or two).  I dedicate this post to Samantha.