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Anguilla officials file for arrest warrant for "fugitive" American charged in hotel worker's death

Scott Hapgood skips hearing
Scott Hapgood skips hearing 01:33

An international arrest warrant has been filed for Scott Hapgood, the Connecticut man charged in the death of a hotel worker in Anguilla. Hapgood was a no-show at a scheduled court hearing on Monday and the British Caribbean territory's attorney general said he is now considered a fugitive.

Hapgood is charged with manslaughter in the death of Kenny Mitchel, who Hapgood claims attacked him at a resort on the island in April in front of his two daughters. But another employee, who said he was the first person to enter the room, told CBS News he watched Hapgood pin Mitchel to the bathroom floor for 30 minutes before paramedics arrived.

Hapgood's wife, Kallie, said Mitchel was alive when he left the room. But Mitchel's family says that is not true, and gave CBS News permission to use video that they said shows his lifeless body as it was being removed from the scene of the crime.

Hapgood's lawyers repeatedly point to high cocaine levels found in Mitchel's system as proof of his altered mental state.

Hapgood's team said he did not return to the island over concerns for his safety. In response, the magistrate in Aguilla called the concerns "totally groundless." He also described Hapgood's failure to appear in court as "willful defiance" and went on to say it will "not allow him to evade justice."

Hapgood's $74,000 bond, provided back in April for his release, has been fortified. His team told CBS News they had seen reports of the arrest warrant, but would not comment further.

Classifying Hapgood as a fugitive would lead to extradition if the Trump administration cooperates. President Trump said last month he is watching this case closely and said something "looks and sounds very wrong."

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