Andy's View Of The News

<b>Andy Rooney</b> Tackles The Problem Of Getting Too Many Papers

The following is a weekly 60 Minutes commentary by CBS News correspondent Andy Rooney.

60 Minutes gets a lot of out-of-town newspapers and I often read parts of five or six of them. It would take me two weeks to read some of these Sunday papers.

The Hartford Courant says electric cars may be the thing of the future. Well, electric cars have always been the thing of the future in newspaper feature sections.

USA Today says more Americans are using public transportation than they used to. That's about the best news I've read all year. We all ought to stop driving so much and take the bus or the train. Call me when you get to the office.

The Miami Herald called one of its editions "Final Edition." Sounds as though they're going out of business doesn't it? I looked at the previous day's edition though and that was called "Final," too.

The Houston Chronicle had a headline that said "Change Could Cause Travel Woes."

I wonder if the editor has traveled lately. Forget "change" causing travel woes. Everything causes travel woes. Flying is always an unpleasant experience. You wait an hour for every ten minutes you actually spend getting anywhere.

There's usually just one airline that flies between two cities but when you get on, they always say "Thank you for flying Delta" – you know, as if you had a choice.

A man known as "Scooter" Libby is prominent in the paper these days. Mr. Libby's real name is Irving Libby but he signs things "I. Lewis Libby." He's known best of course as "Scooter." He seems a little old for "Scooter." I can understand the other kids in school calling him "Scooter" but not the other kids at The White House.

There is The Christian Science Monitor. It has a good reputation. It's a lot smaller than it used to be, I think. I don't know much about Christian Science as a religion. It always sounded like a contradiction in terms.

The big story on page one of The Chicago Tribune one day was that tea sales are catching up with coffee sales in this country. It must have been a slow day for news in Chicago.

The Los Angeles Times has a good story on bike riding along the Pacific Coast Highway. The paper has a picture of a bike they say cost $8,000. That's more than I paid for most of the cars I've bought.

I don't like to miss any good stories in the paper but often I don't have time to read the whole thing. I have a great idea for a newspaper. I'd call it Readers' Digest.
Written By Andy Rooney