Anderson Cooper: From Afghan Cops to Lady Gaga

Ever wondered what "60 Minutes" correspondent Anderson Cooper is like off the air? In this week's Correspondent Candid, Cooper has some surprises for Online Editor Ann Silvio.

From Afghan Cops to Lady Gaga

What does $7 billion buy you? That's what the United States has spent over nine years training the Afghan police force, and according to Anderson Cooper's report this week on "60 Minutes," we're not getting our money's worth.

As a contributing correspondent for "60 Minutes," Cooper divides his time between his offices at CBS News and CNN's New York headquarters. For this week's Correspondent Candid, "60 Minutes Overtime" Online Editor Ann Silvio sat down with Cooper at his CNN offices overlooking Central Park, for a fun discussion of his wide-ranging career on the broadcast.

Watch Anderson Cooper's full report.

As Silvio learned, if you think the Anderson Cooper you see on TV is the Anderson Cooper you might meet on the street, you're in for a big surprise.