"And that's today's 'Couricosities'..."

Hi, everyone! Is it Friday already?

I hope to post more in a few days about my first week on the job. (Did you hear I started a new job this week? Actually, it's about 20 jobs. I feel like that guy who used to spin plates on The Ed Sullivan Show…am I dating myself, or what?)

The other day I finally got a chance to start looking at suggestions for my sign off.

I think we can all agree: coming up with a good one is harder than it looks. (Not unlike plate spinning, actually).

There are a few consistent themes. A lot of people liked what I said the first night. ("I'm Katie Couric. Thank you so much for watching. And I hope to see you tomorrow night.") Some viewers think I should just say "Peace." A few suggestions gave me the distinct impression that some people just have too much time on their hands. ("Remember to KNOW news is GOOD news!")

A friend from NBC suggested:

"Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody wang chung tonight."
I thought about "Peace out, homies," but I think that's too urban.

And then we got this email from Bob Barker:

"Remember to help the pet population. Have your pet spayed or neutered. Good night everybody.
But my favorite so far? "Keep it real."

Anyway, here are a few from the top of the pile. Enjoy. Follow "Read More" to see the rest. And keep 'em coming!

Good night and here's to a better tomorrow.

Good night, America. I'll be here for tomorrow's news; hope you'll be here, too.

Until next time, I'm Katie Couric, keeping an eye on news that matters to you.

What a wonderful world this would be. For the CBS Evening News, I'm Katie Couric.

All [they] are saying is give peace a chance. For the CBS Evening News, I'm Katie Couric.

That's all, folks! For the CBS Evening News, I'm Katie Couric.

Now you're in synch with the news of the world. I'm Katie Couric. Goodnight.

We have got our eye on the world, thanks for having your eye on us. This is Katie Couric and the CBS News team saying goodnight and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow night!

And that's today's news for tomorrows world.

And that's the view of the world today through the eye of CBS News.

That's a snapshot of our world tonight. Never forget that you're in the picture too.

I'm Katie Couric and I invite you all to C ome B ack S oon for the best in evening news reporting! Good Evening!

Ya'll come back now, ya hear.

And that's today's "Couricosities!"

Thanks for watching. I'm Katie Couric, and I am not just for breakfast anymore.

Until next time, be anchored.

Keep on keepin' on.

May the news be with you.